Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

8 May

Treating anxiety is not a difficult task but for the patient it can turn out to be a harrowing experience on occasion. Here is your guide to recovering from anxiety.

Some of the symptoms that point towards an anxiety attack are upset stomach, nausea, racing heart, tremors etc.  The attack of anxiety can be really scary. So it will be better if the person is aware about the ways through which he/she can control the anxiety. Few steps which help in dealing with anxiety are:

  • Deep Breathing

People with anxiety problem are recommended to start out breathing with small 3 counts with the help of their nose.  After breathing, hold the breath for 3 counts and then exhale with 3 counts. Which should be similar to the action when you intake the soup. This action is really going to help them out.

  • Method of replacing and stops

Change the process of thinking towards the positive side.  In case when you were thinking about a specific point when the action of anxiety took place.  Then to stop the anxiety you need to divert the thought process through which you were going. Due to this the anxiety can calm down a bit. Let’s take an example of a child who feels the anxiety when he has to represent his class.  So in that case the student keeps on thinking about it and feels the anxiety. To overcome this situation he should divert his thought process with some other action which is taking place.

  • Mental puzzle

Try out some word games, noting the facts and figures of some different objects, numerical problems. As these are some options which can divert the attention of the individuals and provide relaxation to them. It has also been recommended that people should start counting backwards from 100 to 1.

Do not really focus on the issue which hampers your thought process.

  • Physical Exercise or work

Sense of control can be gained with some kind of cleaning or handling some kind of physical exercise. This is definitely a good way through which you could handle the anxiety.

In case of dealing with anxiety, foods which are recommended to avoid can be mentioned as sugary drinks, junk foods, white flour etc. Also one should avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol.



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