Ways of Dealing with Anxiety

8 May

Treating anxiety is not a difficult task but for the patient it can turn out to be a harrowing experience on occasion. Here is your guide to recovering from anxiety.

Some of the symptoms that point towards an anxiety attack are upset stomach, nausea, racing heart, tremors etc.  The attack of anxiety can be really scary. So it will be better if the person is aware about the ways through which he/she can control the anxiety. Few steps which help in dealing with anxiety are:

  • Deep Breathing

People with anxiety problem are recommended to start out breathing with small 3 counts with the help of their nose.  After breathing, hold the breath for 3 counts and then exhale with 3 counts. Which should be similar to the action when you intake the soup. This action is really going to help them out.

  • Method of replacing and stops

Change the process of thinking towards the positive side.  In case when you were thinking about a specific point when the action of anxiety took place.  Then to stop the anxiety you need to divert the thought process through which you were going. Due to this the anxiety can calm down a bit. Let’s take an example of a child who feels the anxiety when he has to represent his class.  So in that case the student keeps on thinking about it and feels the anxiety. To overcome this situation he should divert his thought process with some other action which is taking place.

  • Mental puzzle

Try out some word games, noting the facts and figures of some different objects, numerical problems. As these are some options which can divert the attention of the individuals and provide relaxation to them. It has also been recommended that people should start counting backwards from 100 to 1.

Do not really focus on the issue which hampers your thought process.

  • Physical Exercise or work

Sense of control can be gained with some kind of cleaning or handling some kind of physical exercise. This is definitely a good way through which you could handle the anxiety.

In case of dealing with anxiety, foods which are recommended to avoid can be mentioned as sugary drinks, junk foods, white flour etc. Also one should avoid consumption of caffeine and alcohol.



Self help guide to Anxiety Treatment

8 May

Panic attacks or bouts of anxiety often attack a patient without any warning. Obvious triggers can be a cause of these attacks like thinking a lot about a big speech or getting trapped in a dark elevator. However, most of the times, patients can experience bouts of these attacks without any reason too. Thus, knowing how to cure anxiety becomes necessary for them. These attacks reach to a peak within a time span of ten minutes. The majority of these attacks do not last for 30 minutes or more. Physical symptoms here are so intense that patients even get a feeling of getting a heart attack. People especially feel very helpless regarding it in public places.

 Symptoms and types:

 Anxiety attacks have the following symptoms:

  • Chills or hot flashes
  • Chest pain or heart palpitations
  • Stomach cramps or nausea
  • Choking sensation or trouble breathing
  • Overwhelming panic
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Unreal or detached feeling
  • Passing out feeling
  • Hyperventilation

These panic or anxiety attacks have even been categorized into six categories. These include panic disorder, phobia, “post-traumatic stress disorder”, “social anxiety disorder”, “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and “generalized anxiety disorder”. It is best for a patient to seek any anxiety treatment only after knowing that which kind of anxiety attack he suffers from.

 Self-help types

 Majority of anxiety attacks occur to people due to their overly unhealthy lifestyle as well as daily stress. Some people just live in overly stress and think that they are having an anxiety attack. Instead they need to just care a bit more about themselves. People who are actually suffering from anxiety disorders can even try controlling it to a great extent before seeking help from any anxiety treatment too. These self-help tips can be divided into two categories. First self-help guide tries to challenge every negative thought running through the patient’s mind and second one gives them tips on taking care of themselves. In order to challenge all negative thoughts, one can try accepting any uncertainty, create an own worry period and write them all down. Tips about taking care of oneself involve exercising regularly, reducing intake of nicotine and alcohol, getting sleep, relaxation techniques adoption and eating healthy.


How to deal with Anxiety without any Chemicals?

8 May

Anxiety is a common condition faced all over the world. With the high level of competition and stress, anxiety needs to be dealt with in an effective manner.

 Anxiety is not really a serious condition unless you let the condition gain the upper hand. To overcome it effectively, you just need to understand how it is caused. In fact, anxiety can be a good tool for problem solving. It keeps you alert and on your toes. It is not feasible or actually beneficial to stay completely at ease all the time. A certain level of anxiety can actually turn out to be good for you and help you achieve your goals efficiently. However, this needs to be kept in check. If a person suffers from anxiety disorder then it becomes hard for him to get a grip of his own life. Thus, it becomes necessary for people suffering from panic attacks to get an effective anxiety treatment. A therapy taken effectively, quickly and regularly helps one in getting control of their lives. If one wants to treat their anxiety disorder through medicines than they can do so only after taking proper prescription from a doctor.

Most widely used medications for dealing with anxiety are antidepressants and benzodiazepines. However, it has been only a few times that medications have worked without proper self-help anxiety techniques and personality therapies. Foremost step to curb anxiety attacks is to recognize conditions, individuals as well as factors of stress. With their proper understanding, it becomes easy to compact all such factors properly. If one wants then they can control their anxiety levels through curbing of anxiety triggering events and thoughts. Meditation proves to be one important element in controlling and to some extent eliminating anxiety problems. In addition, one even needs to change the way of reacting to his stress levels as well as problems. A patient should also learn how to prioritize and concentrate at one circumstance only. When a patient roams in social group then this habit of him comes into action and helps him a lot.

Another answer to how to deal with anxiety question is to exercise on a regular basis. If done in routine basis then it proves to be a good way of distracting oneself from all their tensions and alter mood and way of mind. Last effective way of coping with anxiety problems is to take herbal medications. Herbs like Kava and Ginseng have proved to be highly effective. They lift any patient’s mood as well as spirits to a large extent and make him light hearted and full of energy.